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The 9th Baltic Moreno Days “It’s Time for Secrets” took place on the 19th-21st of August in 2016 at Kaunas National drama theatre.  This international event gathered together more that 100 psychodrama professionals from Europe, Australia and Peru. 


1st day: Pre-conference 

Surrounded by the spirit of old Kaunas National drama theatre the 9th Baltic Moreno days started with pre-conferences led by 2 great teachers. Sue Daniel (Australia) invited participants to find developed and undeveloped roles, helping to bring them out to use in positive and productive ways. Jorge Burmeister (Spain) together with participants were looking for archetypes, symbols and the relevant social practice in families and groups related with secrets. Day was full of involvement, new experiences, meeting colleagues and friends!


2nd day: Conference opening and social evening

Conference was opened by welcoming speech of Daiva Rudokaite, who is the president of Lithuanian Psychodrama Association. “The Godmother” of this traditional event Inara Erdmanis (from Sweeden, Latvia) warmly greeted everyone as well. The director of National Kaunas drama theatre Egidijus Stancikas expressed gratitude for choosing their theatre as a venue for the event. All participants of the conference warmed up playing traditional Lithuanian game “Siulai, siulai, susivykit”.

After the opening ceremony Norbert Apter from Switzerland gave a lecture about how to speak safely the unspoken in teams by presenting the delayed dialogue technique.

The 1st day of Baltic Moreno days 2016 was closed by the tours around important historical places and Kaunas old town. All participants after the tours met at the confluence of Neris and Nemunas, and "hugged" by the beautiful sunset shared their experiences during the day.


3rd day: Workshops, non-formal evening

The 3rd day of Baltic Moreno days - the day of intense workshops! Workshop leaders invited participants to explore the topic of the conference through “lifting the veil”, exploring the history of shame and passion, opening the doors of unknown, finding and restoring the links with our ancestors, and etc. Day was intense and rewarding!

In the evening all participants gathered together for the non-formal evening “In my secret life”! Lots of dancing, singing and sharing! 

In the evening 2 Lithuanian psychodramatists were awarded as certified CP - Albina Kepalaite and Evaldas Karmaza! Also 4 people were awarded as certified psychodrama assistants - Natalija Jegorova-Marcenkiene, Kristina Dulinskiene, Audra Bardauskiene ir Goda Kaniusonyte! Many congrats to our colleagues!


4th day: Workshops, conference closing 

Was a great time to experience, to meet, to share, to discover! Thank you all who were leading the workshops - it was a big honour to to have you in our event! Big big thanks to our greatest organising committee - Goda Kaniusonyte, Emilija Latenaite Bieliauskiene, Gintare Kazakeviciene and Daiva Rudokaite, because of you the event had a chance to happen in a most beautiful way! Also many thanks to our greatest volunteers Viktorija Kirilovaite, Linas Ciucelis, Paulina Balaisyte, Ieva Klimaite ir Ievai Abraityte, our members of association Vida Lipskyte, Kristina Savickyte-Damaskiene and others who helped us during the event! Thank you!


See you all in the next Baltic Moreno days in 2018 08 17-19 in Estonia!!!


Enjoy the moments of Baltic Moreno days in our beautiful photo album


The meaning and the objectives of Baltic Moreno days

Baltic Moreno Days is an international practical psychodrama conference which is organized every second year in different Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. The main objectives of the conference are to share experience, knowledge, new psychodrama methods and to promote the use psychodrama. Baltic Moreno Days is a place where psychodrama professionals from the Baltic countries as well as from other countries all over the world can get together, communicate and share their discoveries. It is also a great opportunity for people willing to know more about psychodrama and its applicability.

The 1st Moreno Days: “Time” has taken place in Piarnu, Estonia

The 2nd Moreno Days: “Dream Wind” – Jelgava, Latvia

The 3rd Moreno Days: “Awakening” – Klaipeda, Lithuania

The 4th Moreno Days: “Everyday Values” – Talinn, Estonia

The 5th Moreno Days:“The Beauty And The Beast”–Valmiera, Latvia

The 6th Moreno Days: “Return & Discover”– Klaipėda, Lithuania 

The 7th Moreno Days: “Peoples' Stories” – Talinn, Estonia

The 8th Moreno Days: “Amber Metamorphosis” – Riga, Latvia

Dr. J.L. Moreno, the founder of psychodrama, stated psychodrama's goal: to make it possible for every person to take part in creating the structure of the universe which "cannot have less an objective than the whole of mankind".

Baltic Moreno days is the space and the time, when experienced psychodramatists, psyhodrama beginners and people, who are interested in psychodrama, have opportunity to take part in reaching this goal by exchanging experience or just by being together. 



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