We invite to Roman Solotowizki workshop in Germany


Еncounter to a Meeting

We have all left our places, we are all on the road, even those who never left have found themselves in another country, and we are all in another world. It's hard to find something that hasn't changed. Many either cannot or do not want to adapt - and this word in itself is completely inappropriate, because everything has been plowed up: soul, memory, relationships, homeland, values ​​and hopes. All these are not just facts or topics, these are events - external “political” and internal, psychological at the same time. “Every cell of my being is crying out!” - said one person who had to change a lot in his life: place of residence, spoken language outside the home, habits, expectations, and even prayers.

All this was said on the stage of the theater of spontaneity, in a group of refugees, and the situation in the family was played out. There and then “politics” crept into the family, but in fact it crept into every cell.

However, we ourselves are now creating a new reality and we can not only see in the game what is happening, not only clarify relations with everyone, but also master the situation, become its master, and find new experience. The game - just like life - is not rehearsed, but it provides the opportunity to clarify and test many options. This game, a sociodrama, has no script. It is our concentrated life. This means that we will get a full experience in a matter of hours. And we can analyze it later. Overcome, support, neutralize, preserve, avoid injury, get out of the “darkness,” rethink a new experience - this is an incomplete list of verbs that help to understand what is at the exit from the game.

Although, despite the Meeting of our worlds and realities, we all enter differently and exit differently. But we can simultaneously “inhale” and “exhale” in the same way. Moreover, together with other groups of people in other countries, because we are part of the Event Network.

 This is an invitation to a Meeting.And this is a master class for introducing the method of sociodrama as a true group psychotherapy and the genuine use of sociometry in the full spirit of the Moreno system.

HOST - Roman Solotowizki, psychotherapist, certified psychodramatist and sociodramatist, sociologist and philosopher, director of the Moreno-Institut Heidelberg (Germany). Artistic Director of the Theater of Spontaneity www.sonet.net.in